CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are an excellent way of providing additional security to your building. Ranger has vast experience in the provision of all types of CCTV systems to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

Systems differ in type and style and technology and quality of product has moved on significantly over the last five to ten years. We provide two main types of systems;

Analogue Systems
Analogue systems have been on the market for many years and are the most usually utilised type of system for the residential and commercial market. Any number of fixed or pan and tilt cameras can be installed to an analogue system and these are hard wired back to recording and viewing equipment. Cameras come in all different shapes and sizes and can be installed to provide a visible deterrent or covertly as preferred by each client. Recording facilities and quality of images has improved significantly over recent years and the increase in the installation of CCTV has had a real impact on the crime rate in this country.

Images can be viewed directly at the property, with the facility to remotely view pictures from the cameras also available for extra piece of mind when you are on holiday or just temporarily away from your property.

IP systems
IP systems are a more recently developed type of system and they are wired via data cabling to a data cabinet located in a central point in your building.

IP systems allow for the monitoring and taping over the internet and are generally used in commercial or industrial facilities. IP provide a more technical solution and are often used on larger CCTV systems where remote monitoring or viewing is of more importance.

IP systems also do not generally need mains power installing separately to each camera as their supplies are derived from the data cabling.